What is NovaSOL Curcumin

What is NovaSOL Curcumin

NovaSol Curcumin and Tumeric


Over the years, there has been a constant need to improve the quality of life, especially with the rise of chronic diseases. To say the least, chronic diseases are a major health concern in today’s world and have been the cause of so many deaths. As always, scientists have worked around the clock and have compiled their research to find ways to face this problem for the sake of mankind. This research has led to the finding of curcumin which is the active ingredient in Turmeric and holds so much potential to improve our lives. This brings us to today’s topic; what is NovaSOL Curcumin? 


But before we look at what it is, let us clear the air first. You may have heard of turmeric, which has been in use for more than a thousand years as Ayurvedic medicine in the treatment of inflammatory conditions. Basically, this is what prompted the studies of what makes turmeric unique. However, in terms of anti-inflammation, ant oxidation, and other benefits of turmeric, the name Curcumin never fails to come up. In other articles, they will use the two interchangeably creating confusion among their readers.


So the difference is, Turmeric is the root from which Curcumin is extracted. And even though we love powdered Turmeric in our curries, it will do you no good as the percentage of Curcumin is very low. That is why Curcumin needs to be extracted in order to make it possible to increase its effectiveness. But even then, it presents an issue because it cannot be absorbed by the body on its own. NovaSOL Curcumin, therefore, offers a quick solution (more on that later). Another way to absorb Curcumin would be with black pepper which contains Bioperine aiding its absorption.

Bio-availability of Curcumin


Curcumin’s efficiency is not measured in terms of quantity, it is though how well it’s absorbed and retained in the body. On its own Curcumin will undergo metabolism very fast. You only have 2 hours to absorb it, of which your body will absorb around only 1%. Traditionally Turmeric was taken in drinks like Golden Milk, where it was mixed with coconut milk and black pepper. The Bioperine in the black pepper helped improve the absorption therefore many modern Curcumin supplements have Bioperine added. NovaSOL Curcumin has been developed to improve the absorption without the need for Bioperine (some people are allergic to it).

What is NovaSOL Curcumin

To answer what this drug is, the NovaSOL Curcumin is a product that has gained popularity for its ability to withstand the gastric pH level of 1.1 in order to pave way for Curcumin absorption.

The walls of the intestines provide the best surface for absorption. That said, the liquid micelle found in the NovaSOL Curcumin is stable in the low gastric pH thereby maximizing its effect. Once it’s absorbed, it can last up to 24 hours in the bloodstream enabling you to rip all the benefits of the Curcumin.

You see, compared with the two 2-hour retention window, the NovaSol way is much better.  Two capsules of the NovaSOL Curcumin gives the body an equivalent of 10-15 grams of curcumin daily. That is why this technology has overtaken the use of black pepper for optimum absorption.

To further solidify its bio-availability, a study conducted to investigate the power of this product showed that NovaSOL Curcumin was far much better than when consumed in the Turmeric. It was recorded to be 185x bio-available.

The benefits of NovaSOL Curcumin


One of the most notable benefits of NovaSol capsules is their ability to combat inflammation, thanks to the curcumin compounds they contain. By taking this supplement, chronic inflammation caused by various conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, or arthritis, can be alleviated. NovaSOL Curcumin is particularly effective in reducing inflammation, which can promote healing and improve overall health.

Lowers Blood Sugar

Curcumin has also been linked to lowering blood sugar which causes diabetes, another chronic disease that has claimed millions. The study showed improvement in diabetes patients providing hope to combat this deadly disease.

Brain Health

NovaSOL Curcumin capsules will also prompt brain function improvement due to the fact that curcumin in the dosage treats depression, and lowers the risks of Alzheimer’s disease as well as increasing cognitive performance.

Skin Health

Additionally, the capsules protect the body from cell damage due to sun exposure, toxins affecting the skin, and pollution. Consequently, NovaSOL Curcumin treats a wide range of skin conditions including psoriasis, acne, itching, and dermatitis.


Not forgetting how well Curcumin has fared in the battle against cancer. After all, Indians have been found to have lower cancer rates compared to other people in the US. Their diet has enabled them to avoid the disease as it is filled with high Curcumin intake from their curries and other spices. Curcumin in this dosage works by inhibiting cancer growth, destroying cancer cells, and interrupting the growth of blood vessels that accelerate cancer growth by feeding cancer cells. However, there is no proof that Curcumin can cure cancer yet. Studies are still being conducted and we just have to hope it’s the answer we have been searching for.


Just like all other drugs, NovaSOL Curcumin has a disclaimer that should be followed to the letter, not just for the product to work but also to stay safe.

These capsules should not be taken by allergic people nor should you take more than prescribed. So when purchasing the dosage, check the ingredients for anything that you might be allergic to.

Secondly, in the case of gallstones, gallbladder disease, or bile duct obstruction, you should seek the advice of your doctor as there are special precautions to be observed. In addition, one should discontinue using NovaSOL Curcumin2 weeks before surgery since it has anti-platelet effects.

Thanks to the German Federal Ministry of Education and research together with Aquanova AG, we can enjoy the many benefits of  NovaSOL Curcumin without having to worry if it’s bioavailable. It has been proven to be a good alternative to other drugs.  NovaSOL Curcumin, therefore, restores hope for a better tomorrow, and hopefully, there will be continued research following what the drug can do.

OptimaEarth Curcumin with Novasol Reviews

i have a work related injury a few years back and i have joint pain, nerve pain and some nights i just get no relief,i have tried a few different products and they didn’t really help, so i tried this one and i was skeptical but i must say after a few days i started to feel a difference and now its over a week and i am very pleased,i feel better and i get more rest. i really do like this product, its easy to take and no bad smell either.

Heather S
Amazon Shopper

These soft gels are great. I hate the way turmeric curcumin tastes normally but with these there is no smell or flavor, they are small and easy to swallow. I notice less body pain about 20 min after taking them. I prefer these to products such as ibuprofin for pain.

Tiffany Moss
Amazon Shopper

I have been using them for over a week now and since I have arthritis it seems to be working my joints don’t seem to be so stiff and achy. I am always looking for something that provides relief.

Mary Yorton
Amazon Shopper

Love this product.Took 3 days after taking them to notice the relief of joint pain and inflammation but Definitely work great now that I gave them in my system.

Kimberly C Smith
Amazon Shopper
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