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Based on the scientific research of Linus Pauling Ph.D., Optima Heart clears blocked arteries and cures the underlying cause of the arterial plaque in the first place. Enjoy better circulation, more energy, and much less worry about the possibility of cardiovascular disease.

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Studies have shown that LPA, a sticky variant of LDL cholesterol that we call PLAQUE only binds to sites of Lysine residue on the artery wall, by increasing the amount of Lysine in the blood, the free-flowing Lysine competes with Lysyl residue on the artery wall, preventing Lpa build and helping to dislodge and dissolve any existing plaque build-up.

PROMOTES HEALTHY BLOOD PRESSURE – Vitamin C together with Lysine promotes the production of arterial collagen, which helps make the arteries STRONG and SUPPLE and helps reduce high blood pressure. This which along with healing any arterial lesions, which can lead to a build-up LPA plaque and narrowing of the arteries.

HELPS MAINTAIN A HEALTHY CHOLESTEROL PROFILE – As more and more of the medical establishment are now agreeing, some forms of Cholesterol are not only NOT a factor in or an indication of heart disease but instead are absolutely essential to HEART HEALTH. Vitamin C and Lysine in combination have been shown to reduce levels of LIPOPROTEIN (a) or Lp (a). This is the sticky, nasty variant of LDL Cholesterol that causes narrowing of the arteries.

TRUSTED! MANUFACTURED IN THE USA – All OptimaEarth products are manufactured in the USA in an FDA-approved facility following strict GMP guidelines. In addition, all OptimaEarth products are inspected by an independent 3rd party lab to assure the highest quality. Choose Optima Heart as no one ever regrets buying the best.

BASED ON THE RESEARCH OF LINUS PAULING – Well known as the greatest chemist of the twentieth century, Linus Pauling is the only person to ever win the two unshared Nobel prizes. We strongly urge you to further research his “Unified Theory of Cardiovascular Disease” or feel free to contact us here if you have any questions or concerns.

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15 reviews for Optima Heart – Heart Health Supplements – Heart, Artery Cleanse & Lower Cholesterol

  1. Clarence Daughenbaugh

    Good source of Vitamin c…… although a little clumpy
    Well, tried this…. watched my blood pressure for a change….. still the same! But the heart is still pumping!

  2. Brendon South

    My story is similar to Tony’s and I was luckily able to avoid stents by using the Pauling Therapy with my doctor’s guidance. OptimaEarth Heart formula is now part of my daily regime and I feel great. The way that this simple therapy is hidden from the public, while our doctors are conditioned to first prescribe deadly STATINS or horrible INVASIVE SURGERY is really a national disgrace. Please Tony, go ahead and publish my testimonial in the hope that it helps spread the word and alleviate others suffering.

  3. Paul Finch

    I have been using another brand for some time but love the additional heart-healthy nutrients added to the OptimaEarth formula. Been taking this now for 2 months and my blood work is good and I feel a boost of energy.

  4. Janice Williams

    I just started taking Optima Heart and I feel good! More energy, more clarity of thought and more “get up and go” I also purchased the OptimaEarth Liquid Gold Curcumin, so not sure what’s working, probably both of them together.

  5. Sarah W.

    I have been using Optima Heart for 6 weeks now and seen an improvement in my blood pressure and also the circulation in my arms and legs has improved.

  6. tl

    Great Pauling Rath Formulation
    I am a big fan of high dose Vitamin C benefits. The trouble is I don\’t think my gut absorbs most cheap brands of vitamin supplements. Liposomal C is unwarrantedly expensive. I tried buffered C powder and boy your bowels will tell you if they can\’t absorb it all :). So this caught my eye. Not only for the Vitamin C but the Amino Acids that also are of great benefit .I think I absorb this liquid preparation much better and no Uh hum issues at all. It mixes well in water or juice. On its own it has a taste I would compare to watered down raspberry Tang ( if anyone remembers Tang!). Not unpleasant at all.The powder can be clumpy in the jar but not hard at all and still dissolves great no matter what.So, it take a few months to see if I notice any incremental improvements but I love that I am getting a formula that is good for the heart as well as overall health and the myriad of benefits of Vitamin C.

  7. Elizabeth A Kidd

    Get this now!
    Love this product! Mixes well with juice and tastes pretty good too! Went to hospital with heart pain about a month ago and started this and hawthorn and beef heart! Never felt better!!

  8. Josh L.

    Tastes ok
    So far so good tastes decent just wish it was a little more affordable.

  9. Flower Lady

    Happy customer!
    I started taking this product to clean out my arteries just in case they are getting build up in them. I had tested high for C Reactive Protein and thought it a good idea. To my surprise, within days, I started feeling great! I take other supplements for various things and this was the only new addition. So, I am assuming it’s this product or the combination that I take. I do not know but I have been full of energy! My attitude has been great, etc for the last 3 weeks. I have been taking 2 scoops, twice a day to cleanse and will taper down to 1 scoop twice a day after a few months. I have been on a low carb diet for 20 years. I had to be vitamin C deficient. I am sure this is part of my great results. Taste is not bad. It’s a little pricey but you can’t put a price tag on having the energy of your youth! Well worth it to me.


    Breathe better to lower your blood pressure
    You feel yourself lighter and more airy. Just don’t add sugar.

  11. R. Winans

    Terrible, terrible taste! Should be in Capsule form

  12. Ibon Garcia

    Products okay it’s not that great

  13. Cardona

    Mi salud
    Es muy buen producto para alentar mi betebulismo y mi rendimiento en mis rutinas de caminar. Y poder perder unas libras que tengo extras en mi cuerpo.

  14. Alfredo Rosario


  15. Amber Jones

    I think it’s working
    I had been struggling with BP being 140/102…At every Dr. or dental appointment they would have me do some relaxation and I could get the bottom number to just under 100. I could feel the pressure even in my eyes (i used to be (120/70s) so I was pretty concerned. my primary doctor retired during COVID and Im not wanting to find one just yet. I am getting close to 50 and put on some pounds during menopause. I looked to see if there was something I can add to my supplements when I ran accross Optima. I have only been taking it 1x per day and I have not been feeling that blood pressure so intensly. Im ordering my second container and will try 2x a day for a while and see how I do. I do not want to take statins etc. so i am so far pleased with results.

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