Seven Best Keto Chicken Recipes

Seven Best Keto Chicken Recipes

by in All Articles, Nutrition January 28, 2020


We have decided to highlight seven great keto chicken recipes in this article firstly because they are great family recipes and secondly they are really healthy. You don’t have to be on the Keto Diet to enjoy them, I regularly make these for my whole family which includes three children under 12. For those of you who are following the Keto Diet, these are great for making chicken a bit more interesting.

Easy mozzarella keto chicken recipe (low carb chicken parma)

This is one of my favorites the picture really makes my mouth water and my kids love it. This keto chicken recipe comes from Karina at Cafe Delites and is super easy to prepare. Click this link for the full recipe:

Creamy Garlic Parmesan Mushroom Keto Chicken

Who doesn’t like chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce?, Parmesan cheese really adds to the flavor. This is one of my personal favorites and I often make it if I’m home alone. If you don’t care about low carb you also serve on top of pasta, rice or for Keto – Cauliflower rice. It’s such a great recipe, get it from Gimme Delicious:

Keto Chicken Korma

No keto chicken list would be complete without a recipe from Sahil Makhija at Headbangers Kitchen we just love his YouTube channel. This chicken korma is excellent and if you love Indian food (I do) this is a must-try recipe. Get it here:

Keto Shredded Chicken Chili

A good Chili recipe is a must and while beef chili is great for keto a chicken version is also great. This one is the best I have found, there are also many keto garlic bread recipe around that are great to go with it. This recipe comes from Ketogasm website and can be found here:

Lemon Sesame Pistachio Crusted Keto Chicken

This a great recipe to add to a salad, I found that I very quickly became bored of grilled or roasted chicken but this recipe has a great range of flavors you will never get tired of it. This recipe is from Sonia at The Healthy Foodie:

Cheddar Bacon & Ranch Smothered Chicken

For me, any food smothered in Cheddar, Bacon, and Ranch is going to be great, but this chicken recipe is just fantastic and is my kids’ favorite, in fact, they would probably eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if they could. Here’s the recipe from Karly Campbell at That Low Carb Life –

Keto Fried Chicken

Finally our Friday night movie night all-time favorite Keto Fried Chicken. Let’s face it you must have a fried chicken recipe (or in this case baked in the oven) in your repertoire otherwise you are risking a serious domestic disturbance! Again my kids love this one and it’s far better than anything a certain Colonel can offer. Another great recipe from Ketogasm – get it here –

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